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Friday, October 26, 2018

How I voted

I always use an opportunity to vote yearly. No lines!
This election cycle my vote was based on a specific strategy.
In a red state "everyone" needs to vote democratic.
Here "everyone" means "who is not sure how to vote".
People who for a long time have been voting in a certain way will not change their vote (they do not want to upset their political tribe).
In a blue state - where I am -  "everyone" needs to vote according to this calculation:
1. Republican v. Democrat => vote Republican.
2. Republican v. Democrat v. 3d-element => vote 3d-element
3. Democrat (no opposition) => vote for no one.
Because the Democrats need to see their numbers falling down.
they need to be shaken, they need to be scared, because they still think that 2016 was a fluctuation. They still have no idea what and why happened and what to do.
The Republican represent a strong political force; they have goals and a strategy. We may not like those goals and that strategy but we need to respect their determination and skillfulness.
The Democrats have no specific goals, no strategy.
And they are stuck in 20-years old thinking.

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