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Friday, October 5, 2018

Are the Democrats gutless idiots?

I'm doctor Valentin Voroshilov.
I am making this video in a traffic on my way to work.
It’s been a while since my last video commentary, but the situation with the Supreme Court hearings forces me to make the following statement.
Democrats are gutless idiots.
It is a sad realization but an accurate description.
I've been waiting to hear a statement from Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi, or Senator Sanders, or Senator Warren, or from new stars of the Democratic party, saying something like this.
“I, Chuck Schumer promise you that Brett Kavanaugh will not be a Supreme Court Justice.
In current circumstances, he may be confirmed because Republicans have lost any moral limits, they cheat, they lie and deceive, they bend rules.
But I, Chuck Schumer, promise you that we, Senate and House Democrats, will not stop never ever until we will impeach Brett Kavanaugh for lying under oath.
President Trump in not forever, and the FBI investigation can and will be done as thorough as it needs to be done.”
Well, evidently democrats are not smart enough and not brave enough to make such a statement.
They still live in the era when politics was done by competing ideas. But that era is dead. It died 2 years ago. These days politics is done be the competition of characters.
And this is what no single Democrat demonstrates so far.
Thank you.
And thank you, World, for our existence.

Appendix I
By electing Donald Trump America marked the end of the era of American exceptionalism. There is nothing new - from the point of view of human history - in electing an opportunist who rides a wave of populism addressing emotions of an angry mob. This process has a name "elite degradation".  

Appendix II  
I know that calling Democrats "gutless idiots" is not nice, and may even be not polite.
So, why do I use strong language?
To make a point. To stress the striking difference between how Chuck Schumer, et. all, represent themselves ("smart and fearless fighters") and what their actions actually tell about them.
Of course, I do not use such language in my everyday life, I follow general social conventions. But I believe that many people confuse what means "being polite" and "being nice".

Appendix III  
On February 21, 2017, I wrote an open letter two four top Democrats, where I laid out the strategy for countering out Donald Trump. If that strategy would have been adopted, we would not have to push Democrats for an impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice. In followup publications I explained why my strategy has not been adopted. 
The Kavanaugh confirmation will give a boost to anti-Trump forces. But what does it tell about a force if it needs to be boosted by something awful in order to start acting?
I still hope that in November Democrats will take the Congress back. However, I am positive that if that happens, they will make a very wrong conclusions from that victory. They will think that people again love Democrats more than Republicans. In realty, it would only mean that people finally hate Democrats less than Republicans. And this is why I predict that even if Democrats will take back the Congress, they will not be able to demonstrate to American people anything positive - action-wise (remember the Bush-era?). And because of that, they will be crashed in 2020.
Because loudly screaming nice ideas 
is NOT enough any more. 
People need ACTIONS!

But thinking so far ahead is something what Democrats (almost) never do. Here is the evidence.

1st the GOP came for gerrymandering.
    The Democrats did nothing.
Then the Republicans came for Voter ID.
    The Democrats did nothing.
Next Conservatives came for lower level judges
    The Democrats did nothing.
Then Christians came for across Country local TV networks.
    The Democrats did nothing.
And now misogynists came for a Supreme Court Justice.
    And the Democrats still do nothing.

Because screaming is NOT acting. 

But on November 6 we have to vote against any GOP candidate, hence for Democrats.
However, on the next day (!) we have to start asking our beloved Democrats - WTF?!
And start looking for the replacements.

Because if not drastically changed, this road leads to "Hail Our God Given Dictator".

Read how rich philanthropists failed democracy (from “Inside Philanthropy”).

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