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Monday, February 12, 2018

EVERY good idea CAN be compromised!

My sister, who by the way lives in Russia, sent me a link to this video:
already with Russian translation (so I found the original source).
These young guys at #Equality are doing a good job to portray extreme applications of seemingly good ideas.
A very good illustration of the well-known postulates:
1. every idea when taken to its extreme becomes its own opposite
2. every good idea can be compromised by its poor (including extreme) implementation.
Good job!
1. Understanding deep sarcasm requires some of the abilities demonstrated in this video - guess by whom? Well, good humor is a rare feature on the right. No matter what the #Equality guys really think, what they do is very valuable for the democracy. But to further this statement we would have to dig into such matters as what is democracy, how does human history evolve, etc. - boring stuff.
2. Of course it is a SERIOUS hyperbole, like 1984. Why do people even write those things?

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