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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Country is at the political fork

What we see these days - on all levels of the society - is the fight between people for whom their own personal interests go above everything else ("egoists"), and for whom the Country goes first, and then their own personal interest. 
People of both kinds exists in politics (all parties), government (including deep), media, and in various groups and caucuses. "Egoists" are better organized, manipulative, have no moral limits (lies and flatter is like breathing air). 
The problem is that the opposition to the "egoists" is not organized, broken in tribes, has no clear charismatic leaders, most of the current leaders are narcissists and have no original ideas, no new strong political strategy (slogans is not strategy). 
No matter what will happen in a year or two, in the long run the democratic institutions (free press, checks and balances, independent judicial system) will become weaken and fictional (like in Russia, China), or stronger and more robust - there is no third outcome.  
Everyone needs to take a moment and to think - which outcome would fit the best his/her personal future. 
BTW: someone needs to keep the list of all politicians who flip-flop, tell plain lies, flatter - those people should be under constant pressure of being exposed and eventually pushed out the politics.

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