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Monday, December 25, 2017

Looking into 2018

So far - not so good.
The Republicans keep pushing their pro-corporate agenda.
It is not wrong – in general – but the version they push will eventually lead to a huge social stress, followed by strong social explosions, and all the gains corporations get now may be erased in one quick motion.
The Democrats still have no idea what did they do wrong, and how to fix it.
All new and old third-party movements are fighting with each other to show off who is more “progressive”. They do not understand that for most of the people they want to appeal to, they are even worse than the Democrats – more arrogant, snobbier, farther from regular folks.
But, since it is the Holiday time,
Let’s hope 2018 will bring some positive changes.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And now in 2018:
The government just was shut down.
Don't know why, but that got me thinking about the fact, that over the last twenty years the social conditions in the country have been slowly but gradually declining.
This video gets some insights on the matter:
But for me two facts are sufficient to prove the existence of the decline:
1. Donald Trump is the President (this is consistent with the video)
2. The quality of roads today is much worse than even five years ago; potholes and cracks are everywhere and no one takes care of them.
If that is not the sign of a decline, what is?
BTW: the video gives is a nice summary of the reason for the decline,
(similar to:
but it does not tell one "little" thing.
Rich supporters of Hillary Clinton would never support Bernie Sanders. IF (big if) in 2020 the race comes down to Donald J. Trump v. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (or Sanders-like) those people who pushed for Clinton will push for Trump. And those are the people behind the Democratic Party!
And all what the "opposition" or Our Revolution does is waving old flags and chanting old chants:

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