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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scott Greer’s Terrible understanding of John Oliver’s piece on slavery.

SCOTT GREER, Deputy Editor, of The Daily Caller, did exactly that thing for which he was “criticizing” John Oliver, he absolutely missed the point of the John Oliver’s piece (maybe on purpose because he is smart, maybe because he isn’t really so smart?)
He writes: “Confederate generals represent southern heritage and pride. They are cultural icons for a large region of America. Those who honor them KNOW about their role with slavery and rebelling against America.”
This is a complete fantasy on behalf of Mr. Greer.
John Oliver, as many other liberal TV personalities, prove again and again that “Those who honor” “Confederate generals” do not know (really!!) or ignore the very reason for the civil war – the slavery.
There is a fog of words like “southern heritage and pride”, or “local heroes”, and a simple truth, that the goal of the Confederacy was to preserve the slavery, and that the majority of the statues in question had been erected as monuments to white supremacy.
However, I oppose the urge to demount those statues.
The debate fell into counterproductive path “keep v. replace/destroy”.
Neither is the right approach.
The final goal of any monument is to commemorate the history and educate the public.
Hence the controversial statues must stay. But, each of the statutes needs to have a board placed right by it, with the detailed description of the person, maybe even a TV with a video.
All people need to know all the facts.
Speaking about facts – a Columbus Day celebration.
New York Post writes about protesters demanding “accurate” Columbus school curriculum.
“Gibran Raya, …, ripped the elevation of Columbus as a hero” “It’s also insulting that you go to Columbus Circle and you see a big statue of this quote unquote hero,” he told the crowd. “He’s not a hero to me, he’s not a hero to us. We know better. We know our history. We know who we are.”
“Organizer Natasha Capers of Coalition for Educational Justice echoed the call …”
“This isn’t just about changing the name of a holiday or the removal of a document,” she said in a statement. “During the past school year, young people have been exposed to hate in ways most have never experienced before. It is more important than ever that our students are learning ACCURATE versions of history and are exposed to diverse cultures and perspectives.”
This is a very good example of a liberal extremism (yes, it does exist).
I would start from mentioning the mere fact that without Columbus there would be no America, no American liberals, no American schools, no of Coalition for Educational Justice.
If you do not like Columbus, do not erase him from the history, but tell students the whole truth about him, good and bad.
Liberals who want to teach “accurate versions history” are no better and no different from conservatives who want to teach their version of the history of the civil war (ignoring the central reason for the war – the slavery).
The history has no versions, it only has the facts. People may agree or disagree on the evaluation of the past events – good or bad – but they cannot erase the events.
Unfortunately, we observe the steady rise of the extremists view on both sides of the political spectrum.
Until people of a reason, people of facts and common sense step in the debate (forming the “3d political force”: www.3dForce.net ) there will be no visible social progress; because opposite forces always just cancel each out out.

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