Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why I have NO Trust in Democrats

Why I have NO Trust in Democrats
I've been teaching for more than 20 years - mostly physics (middle school, high school, college and university undergrads, school teachers), but also math, problem solving, logic. 
I know with the absolute certainty that people who do not analyze their mistakes do not learn from them. And people who do not learn from mistakes they’ve done will make them again.
And again.
And again.
It has been 5 months, but NO ONE from the top of Democratic party stepped forward with a COMPREHENSIVE analysis of all major mistakes done in 2015-2016 (and to be truthful – even before that). 

Every official website of the democratic Party needs to have a link named "Mistakes we've made, and lessons we've learned from them". 
But there is none.
Top Democrats act like they have no memory.
Even worse, they act like we have no memory.
They want us just to forget and move on and - of course - donate, donate, donate.
Well, if they could not use our money wisely in 2016, and I see no indication they would do any better this time, why would I want to give up my money for them?
When they will need to choose between (a) keeping their seats and keeping collecting donations from rich supporters and losing again in 2018, or (b) getting serious about wining but risking losing those donations – they will choose the donations.
Of course – this is a very simplistic model. 
(a) It is better to have a simplistic model than no model at all;
(b) If is better to plan actions based on the worst-case scenario and be glad if it did not happen, than counting on “good intentions” (being fooled only once), but then be disappointed (being fooled again).

New Democratic operatives replaced the old Democratic operatives, but it has not made any difference. The new guys have no vision and cannot offer anything really new.
All they do so far is exploiting Bernie Sanders's image.
This is why I am going to give a serious consideration to the third party movement.
I am a delegate to the Massachusetts Convention and will attend. I asked the organizers for an opportunity to speak out to the delegates. So far I have no feedback on this.
I believe that  June 3d will be the day when I will make mind mind, do I want to stay with Democrats, or do I want to part my path? 
And I am sure, I will not be only one making the same decisions