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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Michael Wilson v. Michael Moore

Part I.

Recently I've "stolen" 70 seconds https://youtu.be/H-BR1Y6EMnI from Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_to_Invade_Next).

He talks about lots of stuff, but, naturally, I find the most interesting the take on education.

I would recommend, in part, to take a look at his filming of Finland education.

In this 70 seconds piece https://youtu.be/H-BR1Y6EMnI, listen to what a student says during the last 10 second; she confirms at least some of the points made in this post: https://teachologyforall.blogspot.com/2017/04/cyber.html.

But Moore’s film, of course, is much more than just that.

If you have not watched this film, you could not call yourself a “Resistor” (a.k.a. “a supporter of “Resistance”, “Our Revolution”, etc.).

One may agree or disagree with the author, but the film definitely makes people think.

Part II.

“Trust but verify”.

That is why after watching Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade next”

I watched Michael Wilson’s “Michael Moore Hates America”.

It would take a lot a lot a lot of time to dissect his movie, because every minute of the movie provides a great material on how to create a VISION of a story – a good mental exercise for everyone who considers himself/herself an “intellectual”
(what we call today “fake news” could have called in 2004 “a fake documentary”).

Just two general points:

1. You will NOT find any logical proof to the statement in the title.

Instead, there are views and opinions of people about Michael Moore – of course all are negative.

And then opinions of other people who say things opposite to what Michael Moore would say.

Instead of saying: “Michael Moore hates America, and these are the facts, 1, 2, 3, …”

We hear “Michael Moore hates America, and this is what Such and Such says about Michael Moore, and this is what Such and Such says about Michael Moore, and this is what Such and Such says about Michael Moore”, again, and again.

Maybe Michael Moore does hate America, but the film does not show a single fact to prove this statement. The film aims at destroying the character of Michael Moore. And maybe Michael Moore has bad character, but in that case the film should be called “Michael Moore is a bad person”.

There is nothing in the film except the parade of people who say: “See, Michael Moore is bad! Hence, …, he hates America!”, or “My life maybe is not perfect, but I am happy with what I have!”

BTW: nothing new.

2. It is ironic how Michael Wilson presents himself as the opposite character to Michael Moore, but cannot hide his love to showing himself on the screen.

One special episode looks especially informative today – the part about Flint, Michigan!

The movie was screened in 2004. Today when you watch this movie you can see the roots of 2016 Trump’s victory!

P.S. count the number of people of color in the film.

P.P.S. it is educating to watch the movie and to compare the tone of the movie with the tone of the FOX and Breitbart.com several years later (no wonder Michael Wilson “is a writer for Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood”).

Using the words of one film character, the film “paid a very skewed porter” of Michael Moore.

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