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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Donna Brazile v. Trevor Noah

There are two words about the visit Donna Brazile paid to “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”.

Those words are “staged”, and “pathetic”.

When Trevor asked about questions she sent to Clinton, it was a chance for Brazile to come clean. She could have said something like: “Man, it was a fight, I know I had to be impartial, but even the best of us make mistake in the heat of emotions, we all have our weaknesses, and my weakness was that I did NOT believe Bernie could win, and let once my emotions affect my actions. Do I regret it? Yes, and no. I still believe Sanders would lose to Trump. But I do accept that I should not have done it.”

Instead, Brazile started fiddling with paper, “This what I sent Clinton, but do you think I only sent something to her? I also sent something to Sanders”.

For Trevor, this was a chance to ask: “Donna, did you ever sent questions to Bernie?”.

Of course, he passed on this. Staged!

The Brazile’s line that she just wanted to put out important questions to discuss – pathetic!

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