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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A note on a connection between immigration and science

There is a heated discussion about how changes in immigration policy can affect science and engineering in the U.S.
1. Trying to STOP the influx of illegal immigrants by putting in place more and more restrictions of any kind is the same as trying to stop alcohol drinking by installing The Prohibition Law.
NEVER gonna work – due to the same reasons – human nature.
It’s like a drug trafficking will only end when those people who use drugs will stop using it, or all drugs will be legalized - but instead of drug consumers we should talk about business owners who hire those illegals (BTW: do you happen to know why?)
2. Thinking that putting in place more and more restrictions of any kind will STOP the influx of illegal immigrants is just na├»ve; it is a form of self–lying. In reality it will only lead to more sophisticated forms of corruption (again – have you heard of The Prohibition?).
3. The true problem with scientists, and engineers, and doctors is not related to immigration AT ALL – thinking that is also a form of self–lying; or deflecting an attention from an actual problem – which is: the U.S. just does not produce any more enough scientists, and engineers, and doctors.
For example, quote: “Nearly a half of PhD aerospace engineers, over 65% of PhD computer scientists, and nearly 80% of PhD industrial and manufacturing engineers were born abroad.”
We all know that America is a country of immigrants.
And America must stay an open to people who want to live and work in the Country.
We just need to remember that any large disbalance (like a trade deficit, or an intellectual deficit) is a potential danger to the country - might lead to such big changes like electing Donald Trump.

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