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Saturday, May 5, 2018

How Can the Democrats Win ALL Close Races?

I am sorry to repeat it again but Democrats are just idiots
They know about bureaucratic maneuvering and use it when they need to meet big donors behind closed doors.
But they have no idea about political maneuvering.
Their political strategy is absolutely trivial: find a well-versed person, give him or her money, and go. 
They will be losing to republicans by a hair again and again, and then they will be happily reporting: you see we have almost won.
I wonder how many people felt offended and stopped reading after the first sentence. I bet many more than people reading THIS sentence right now. This is also one of the main reasons Democrats are losing the fight for the millions of Americans’ minds. Too touchy.
Democrats can win the most of the close  races.  
However, in order to win those races they have to advance their political strategy. Make it more technical. 
Alongside with every democratic candidate they have to facilitate to run an independent
That  independent will steal some voters from a Republican, but will not affect people who already decided to vote democratic.  Plus, two weeks before the election day they will quit the race and call on their followers to vote for a Democrat. For many close races this will be enough to bring the victory for a democrat.
Politics is about gaining power. And big donors have been losing that power over the Democrats and never had that power over independents voters. 
The people have the power.  But to harness that power politicians must be smart and inventive (in addition to other qualities). 
So far Democrats have not demonstrated those virtues. 
Dr. Valentin Voroshilov

BU, Physics Department

"In order to be able to think you have to risk being offensive."
Jordan B Peterson: https://youtu.be/JRo178SONmo

Appendix I:
American Democracy is much younger than European Democracies – this is just a historical fact.
As all teenagers, American Democracy thinks that she is unique, exclusive, the world has never had anything like her before.
Of course, that is not the case.
The history of European politics could offer many important lessons to American politicians, including lessons on political maneuvering. But American politicians would have to admit that they may need to learn something for other counters. To overcome that psychological barrier, don’t call it “learning”. Follow Steve Jobs, and call it “stealing”!
BTW: the Republicans are actively learning from Russia and China how to use their brainwashing media machine on a large scale.

Appendix II:
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