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Saturday, February 24, 2018

March for Our Lives: a Case for a New Political Movement

Republicans are basically American Bolsheviks. What they say does not matter, because their true ideology is not conservatism in any form, but being a winner. Win, win, win, using any means necessary! The victory justifies all your actions. ALL!
In large parts of the Country there are several generations of Americans who have been growing up within the culture where the number one rule is - winning no matter how. If you lose, you are a loser. And the first thing you lose is your freedom. So, if you don’t want to be a loser, don’t let anybody take any of your freedom.
Unfortunately, those people do not realize that by following blindly this rule they give up their own freedom. Hence, there is no hope those people would change their mind any soon.
Democrats have turned away from common people toward big money; it happened a long time ago, and nothing going to change any soon.
These are the reasons why I have been waiting for a rise of a small but powerful new political movement, the third force, so to speak.
Unfortunately, all current third-party groups are too self-involved, do not know what they are doing, do not know the actual role of a third party, and hence will not make any difference.
However, now I see a glimpse of a hope.
The wave of young people stepping up all across the Country against gun violence.
Hopefully, this is the beginning of a broad nationwide political movement.
It is political because the problem of gun violence cannot be solved any other way but politically. If young people decide to take their future in their own hands no one will be able to stop them. 
Uniting around one political problem, they will have an opportunity to direct their force on other issues, like poverty, education, incarceration, and other. 
Those young people who have been already politically active (young democrats, young republicans, etc.) have a chance to start making real difference by joining forces with their peers, because all young people have the same goal – to achieve success in the future world. So, if they have a chance to shape that world they should take that chance. 
The only rule they have to follow is - question everything and everyone, no matter WHO tells you and what they tell you, ask them “how what you tell us will help us to have a better life ten years from now?”.

There is of course a chance that this movement will follow the fate of the Occupy Wall Street.
I am sure that everyone in the pro-gun lobby is praying  for that to happen, hence the strategy is simple, use any means necessary to deflect attention from a serious discussion and wait. 
Addendum: Feb. 25th. The news is that John Kasich thinks the the two-party system is approaching its end. It is not the first time someone makes this prediction. But this is the first time when it comes not from a political analyst of sort, but from seasoned politician.
Kasich's situation is very simple. In the Republican party he has become irrelevant, and he cannot switch to the Democrats, so - the third party.  However, he most probably does not consider young people as a source for the new party. Which is mistake due to two reasons.
1. Most of the adults have very stiff/frozen minds. 
They do not change their views.
If they hear something which contradicts their strong opinion they either just ignore it, or get frustrated. The frustration comes when they just cannot ignore the information, when they hear something which they should not approve, but which would contradict their belief of what is right. Many of the adults cannot express those feeling in words, it is hard for them to articulate the cons and pros in a logical manner. So, they turn to an authority figure: a preacher, a TV pundit, a radio personality, a celebrity, etc. Sooner or later they would hear something which would make sense for them. And at that very moment the frustration disappears and they are happy again.
What is important in this process, which has a name "from frustration to fixation" (or FF switch), that "making sense" does not mean that what hey heard is actually logically or factually correct. Not at all!
There is no logical of factual test for the statement they heard, the test is emotional - "I was feeling frustrated, and now I am not, that means that what I heard was true!"
Young people do not have yet their minds stiff and open to considering opinions which may not be aligned with their own.
Also, their minds are open to new ideas.
2. This is important because evidently old ideas do not work any more. I have been saying for along time that education needs a new parading.
But after November 8, 2016, it is absolutely clear to me that politics, economics, sociology also need new models, which are not invented yet. Those models which have been working for the last decades lost all predictability and have to be replaced. 
That includes the two-party model of the political governing.
Of course, being young has its own downside, for example, the lack of experience. This deficiency can be minimised by enlisting adult experts. However, those adult experts fist should pass the test, i.e. they will have to demonstrate the ability to step aside when someone much younger them they will be dismantling their arguments.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

3d Force Organization Page; kialo.com

This post is the copy of the one posted on Kialo.
Let’s convert a seemingly useless debatable www.Kialo.com tool into a functional instrument for political organizing.
This is how it works.
You don’t ask a question the answer to which will not make any difference on you.  
When you start a debate, all you do is separating people on who are agree and who are disagree with you. And? Nothing (well, nice mental exercise; sharpening your own arguments).
However, if you find MANY people who think like you are, and you have a mutual goal, you can join your forces!
All you need is a clear goal!
I have a clear goal.
I am going to lay out my goal and my vision why should we do it.
But I need to say upfront – don’t start the debate about the goal!
If you don’t believe that the goal is right or achievable, just leave.
Don’t waste yours and our time – go and create your own action group.
If you believe in the goal, THEN we can discuss HOW to achieve it, what to do, what steps to make.
The goal is taking over the Congress.
Still here?
It is NOT impossible.
It is NOT a crazy idea.
It is well calculated and achievable goal – but only in the current political environment!
The division in the Senate is almost 50 – 50.
If we could elect a small group of 4 or 5 independents (or at least not Republicans and not Democrats) that group would rule the Senate, meaning it would rule the Country.
Because without their vote nothing could happen!
In order to achieve this goal in this year, in every State a viable non-democratic and non-republican candidate has to run for a Senate seat.
To run such a campaign, we need an organization: the 3D Force (since it is not a party - yet?).
Ideally, if the organization becomes strong enough, its candidates need to run in ALL possible elections.
Naturally, only a few will win. But it is only the reason for running as many as possible!
Taking over the Congress is the ultimate goal.
But if that will not be feasible in this year, the next best goal which should be on the table is kicking the Republicans out of the Congress (and everywhere else).
This how it can be done.
Our 3d-Force candidate will run against a Republican and a Democrat.
In a case when our candidate has a clear lead, it is our clear win (and with the good organization and the correct ideology that will happen!).
But sometimes it will be a coin toss between a Republican and a Democrat.
In that case three weeks before the election day our candidate will leave the race asking all the supporters to vote for the Democrat (the lesser of the two evils).
Even that tactic alone will give the power to the 3D- Force.
I have been writing on the matter (see the links below).
It is important to all us to find a common view on the current political events and what had led to them.
That is why I encourage everyone to read what I wrote, and to write your own thoughts on that matter.
As long as we agree on the goals, the debate about politics and social and economic roots of it will be only helpful.
The Bolshevik revolution in Russia started from reading Das Kapital.
Equipped with that ideology top Bolsheviks were able to lead the masses.
The 3D Force ideology is in its infant state.
I am not a professional politolog/politologue or organizer.
All I have so far is a vision and a goal.
That is why I created this campaign – to find the like.
These are the links to some of the publications on the power of the 3D Force:

Valentin Voroshilov

Friday, February 16, 2018

An Open Letter to Mr. Tom Steyer.

Dear Mr. Steyer,
I believe in your genuine intention to oppose Trump’s and his supporters’ and followers’ agenda.
But I hope you understand how low is the chance for the impeachment.
I hope you are using this campaign as an instrument to propel your own political agenda.
And I hope your political agenda is not necessarily “democratic” but “progressive.
Because I, and millions of Americans, see the difference between the Democratic party and the Progressive movement.
Naturally, there is a large area of overlapping, but until the current establishment of the Democratic party remains at its helm, millions of Americans will not trust in the ability of the party to defend the needs and hopes of working class.
You represent a force which is making changes inside the Democratic party.
But I the change comes slowly, and may not come fast enough to affect 2018 elections, so I would suggest to have a backup plan.
My thesis is simple:
Beating the Republicans in the Congressional elections is NOT the same as making the Democrats to win.
Naturally, a democratic candidate should run against a republican candidate – in every possible election.
But in addition to a republican candidate and a democratic candidate a third candidate needs to run as well.

A “third” does NOT mean a “third party”!
If may be an independent, or a member of another party – that does not matter. What matters is that the third candidate must “steal” voters from a republican candidate.
I call it the third force approach.
Depending on the specific election and who would voters like more – the democrat or the third forcer – two/three weeks before the election day the two “anti-republicans” should sit down and decide who will be running to the end. If needed, they can toss a coin. But the one who steps down must call the supporters to give the votes to the one who remains in the race.
I have been extensively writing about this political approach on my blogs:
For example,
Why Should the Democrats Support The 3-D Force?
“Make America Whole Again! The 3-D Force in politics.” http://the3dforce.blogspot.com/2017/08/mawa.html

What does the Sanders Institute need to do? Really

and more.
Your NextGen America organization can play a crucial role in organizing the 3d Force effort/movement.
Good luck
Dr. Valentin Voroshilov