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From and To Senator Bernie Sanders

I believe the most important issue NO ONE talks about is absolutely pathetic, toothless, and not smart  (just to avoid strong words) behavior of numerous so-called "progressive" groups - including yours - where the leaders are narcissistic figures who do not have any idea about what is happening in the country, have no historical political knowledge to design the right strategy, and have no guts to accept the fact that they are no more than motivational speakers but not political strategists.
BTW: I have been writing on the matter since the Summer of 2016
Good luck to you and all of us.
We will need it, because we have no smart progressive leaders how have the right political vision.
That is the main reason the events described in your letter had happened in the first place.
Dr. Valentin Voroshilov
BU, Physics Department
BSU, Physics Department
On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 12:17 PM, Bernie Sanders <info@berniesanders.com> wrote:
Bernie Sanders
What is the most important issue that the corporate media refuses to seriously discuss? Well, take your pick.
It could be climate change, and the fact that the fossil fuel industry believes that their short-term profits are more important than the future of our planet.
It could be health care, and why it is that the United States is the only major country on Earth not to guarantee health care to all as a right.
It could be the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that we experience, and the rather remarkable reality that three people in our country now own more wealth than the bottom 160,000,000 people.
It could be _ _ _ _. Well, your guess is as good as mine.
But let me tell you what I think. I believe the major issue not being discussed by the corporate media is the power of the Koch brothers and the movement in this country toward oligarchy – a nation where our economic and political life is increasingly controlled by a handful of billionaires. Seen any good programs about that lately on CBS, NBC, ABC or anywhere else? I haven't.
In case you didn't know, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, are the second-wealthiest family in the country, worth over $120 billion. This year, according to various media sources, the Koch brothers network plans to spend some $400 million in the midterm elections. Yes. $400 million. That is on top of the $750 million they pledged to spend in 2016, $290 million in 2014 and over $400 million in 2012.
That's a lot of money, but that's probably only part of the story. Given the existence of super PACs and the opaque nature of campaign funding, it is quite possible that they spend much more. Further, and importantly, their political spending goes far beyond election campaigns. They make enormous investments in right-wing think tanks and in universities – pushing students and the general population toward their extreme right-wing ideology.
They also fund numerous organizations such as Americans for Prosperity, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), FreedomWorks, Generation Opportunity, 60 Plus Association, Institute for Energy Research, Concerned Veterans of America and many more.
What do the Koch brothers want? What is their ideology? What is their legislative agenda?
Simply stated, they want to repeal virtually every major piece of legislation passed since the 1930s that protects working people, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. They believe that government should play virtually no role in protecting those in need, and that almost all services now provided by government should be privatized and handed over to large corporations.
Let me give you an example of what is happening right now with President Trump and the Koch brothers’ plan to privatize health care for millions of our nation’s veterans, and then I am going to ask you to make your voice heard to stop them.
Let’s start with something that we should all be able to agree on:
While serious people can have legitimate differences of opinion about when our country should go to war, there should never be a debate as to whether we fulfill the promises made to the men and women who served this country in the military. Planes and tanks and guns are a cost of war, but so is taking care of the men and women we send to fight them.
Now, last week President Trump made the decision to fire the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Dr. David Shulkin. And what I would strongly suspect is that he made that decision because Dr. Shulkin was not moving fast enough toward privatizing veterans’ health care in this country.
Here is the truth: the VA is the largest integrated health care system in this country. And if you actually listen to the veterans of this country who rely on the VA, what most of them will tell you is that they are quite pleased with the care they receive.
Now, of course we must continually work to improve the VA, but what almost every single major veterans organization in this country says is that we must strengthen the VA, not privatize it.
That is because privatizing the VA would severely underfund the department and leave many veterans without easy access to quality care — oftentimes specialized care required for service-connected injuries that VA centers are better equipped to handle than a local doctor or hospital.
On the other side, you have the Koch brothers, the second-wealthiest family in the United States, who are going to spend $400 million in the coming elections. They have enormous power because of that and what they believe is that we must privatize not just the VA, but Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Not coincidentally, privatizing the VA would also significantly enrich some of the nation’s wealthiest health care executives.
So here is where I ask you to act:
President Trump has nominated his personal physician Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson to replace former Secretary Shulkin. And while he has not said as much, I would strongly suspect that Rear Admiral Jackson’s mission is to carry out the wishes of the Koch brothers, and to oversee the privatization of the VA.
So today, I want to send a message to my colleagues who must give their consent to this nomination, and I need your help to do it:
Sign My Petition: Tell the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs unless he pledges to support strengthening the VA and opposes privatization. The Senate cannot approve any nominee who prioritizes the profits of a handful of health care executives over the health of our veterans.
The drive to privatize veterans’ health care is part of a broader approach by the Trump administration, fulfilling the agenda of the Koch brothers.
We have a Secretary of Education who doesn’t support public education.
We have an EPA Administrator who doesn’t believe in environmental protection and is pursuing a massive deregulation effort.
We have a Treasury Secretary from Goldman Sachs who worked overtime to pass a massive redistribution of wealth and income from the working class to some of the richest and most powerful people in this country.
We have a Secretary of Health and Human Services who President Trump pulled from the pharmaceutical industry at a time when the United States pays the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, by far.
Now it is likely the president is nominating someone to head the Department of Veterans Affairs whose mission will be to privatize veterans’ health care.
Right now, our job is to improve and strengthen VA health care on what already works reasonably well, and not to dismember it. That is a fear that many veterans service organizations have, and it is one that I share.
If you do as well, I hope that you will make your voice heard:
Sign My Petition: Tell the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs unless he pledges to support strengthening the VA and opposes privatization. The Senate cannot approve any nominee who prioritizes the profits of a handful of health care executives over the health of our veterans.
How can it be that we have enough money to give tax breaks to billionaires and spend more on defense than the next twelve countries combined, but we don’t have enough to make sure that every veteran who went to war and served this country has the quality health care they need here at home?
Privatizing the VA would be a moral abomination, and one that I will fight to stop. Thanks for lending your name to the fight.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders


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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A case for 3-D Force: call for an action


If neither the Republicans nor the Democrat have the majority in the Senate – the political power will be in the hands of FIVE (5 !) Independent Senators!

To achieve this goal all political forces not affiliated with neither the Republicans nor the Democrats need to work together!
This approach has never been used in the American politics. However, there is a first time for everything!

If you believe in the power of people, by the people, for the people, you can support the 3-D Force movement:
Just follow this link
Want to drop a letter? Here is an email: aabs@3dforce.net

Hi, fellow 3d-party-er or Independent!
For many decades, people have been telling you – “You are a joke; you will never have a political power”.
I believe the time has come to prove all those people wrong.
I believe the time has come to all 3d-partiers and active Independents to finally rise up, and seize the real political power.
Everyone who does not trust neither the Republicans nor the Democrats in their ability to govern our Country is one of us!
Below is just a short list of many anti-conservative groups here in MA:
Progressives          http://www.progressivemass.com/
Our Revolution     http://ourrevolutionma.com/
Democratic Socialists     http://www.dsaboston.org/
International Socialists   http://www.bostonsocialism.org/
Add there are also Unions! Many!
And everyone is for himself.
But, what is stronger, a palm or a fist?
We all may have different reasons for not trusting neither of the two major parties.
Based on the 2016 elections, and the following events, I believe that – at least in Washington –  most Republicans are generally smart but evil, and Democrats are generally nice but stupid (or dumb, or choose whatever word you prefer to describe their inability to think).
And both parties are in the pocket of big money.
And I believe, that there are millions and millions of people, who see the things the same way.
If you truly believe that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can navigate the country in the right direction -
this is your time!
This is our time!
We are ready to become an actual political force – the third force!
We are ready to become an actual political movement.
But first, we need to agree on the basic principles of our movement.
1. We need to agree that not now, nor in foreseeable future, there will be no third-party president.
We have to be reasonable.
We have to be pragmatic.
The presidency is not our immediate goal.
2. If the presidency is not our goal, how else would we gain political power?
The answer to this question may seem counterproductive.
But it will work!
We need to gain such a number of seats that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats would have the majority of votes.
Currently the House of Representative is split between 241 Republicans and 194 Democrats; and the Senate is split between 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats.
Our first goal is to take down 3 (!) Republican senators.
Hence, we have to participate in the upcoming 2018 elections.
Well – ideally, everywhere!
Our candidates will have to run in every possible election.
We do not have to win all of them.
We need to win just enough to make both – the Republicans and the Democrats – the minority in the Senate; in the House, and in as many legislative bodies as possible.
That will make us – the 3d-forcers (i.e. 3d-partiers and active Independents) – decision brokers.
That will make us decision makers.
Not a single decision will be able to pass without our vote, without our approval.
The representatives from both parties will have to talk to us, and we will make them talk to each other!
We will act like that family mediator who makes a husband and a wife to finally agree on something (you can choose who is who in this analogy).
For at least a decade, American people have been calling on the both parties in Washington to stop fighting and to start working together for the benefits of the whole America.
Unfortunately, it has not happened.
I am absolutely convinced, that there is no chance of seeing the Republicans and the Democrats working together – unless the third strong political force will make them (!); unless the third strong political force will scare them.
3. To follow this strategy, we – the 3d-force members – should present our candidates against the Republicans and the Democrats (to test and to show the force) in all possible elections.
Even if our candidate will not be getting enough voices to win the election, we still will be presenting a strong political power by attracting the voters who do not want to give their votes to neither out of the two major parties!
Imagine, that two or three weeks before November 8th, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson would say to their followers: “I know, I will not be the President of the United States. And I vow to you, that the fate of my country is much more important than my personal fate. That is why today I end my run, and I ask all of you – my fellow supporters – to vote for Hillary Clinton”.
I have no doubt that in this scenario Hillary Clinton would have become the president.
Those few million votes would be enough to change the course of the election.
And we can use this strategy for every future election.
We may not be able to say any time soon – “The 3d-force gave to the Country the President”.
But we will be able to say very soon – “The 3d-force made the Country’s President”!
4. My next statement may seem contradicting everything I just said before.
But it is not.
At this point in the history, we don't even need to launch a new additional party.
We already have so many of them!
We already have millions of people, who do not want to affiliate themselves neither with the Republicans nor with the Democrats.
We just need to join our forces – all 3d-parties’ members and all independents who want to actively participate in politics (not just vote on the election day) should form a movement.
We need to establish the Massachusetts 3d-parties and Independents Coalition.
We need to reach out to all other states and to institute the American 3d-parties and Independents Coalition.
5. Our platform should unite people around the core principles this Country was founded on.
It is not right, when people have to work 60 – 80 hours a week, and still live from a paycheck to a paycheck, barely making a living.
It is not right, when people cannot afford a medication which would let them have active and accomplished life.
It is not right, when the job market shrinks, but at the same time the same few people get richer and richer, and the rest of the country gets closer and closer to the poverty.
It is not right, when having a good education means diving into the debt hole till the rest of the life.
We are against of elitism and extremism in any form.
We truly believe that “All men are created equal”.
Our platform should be simple but sound.
Restore the American Promise!
Make America Fair for All!
Take Lying Out of Politics!
When Rich Bend Rules, We Straighten Them Back!
The Republicans and the Democrats in Washington have lost sight of their purpose; they are stuck in the war of ideological dogmas; they are clung to old social, political, and economic models, which obviously do not work anymore.
Having the minimum wage close to $15 an hour is a good idea, but where would money come from without damaging the economy as a whole?
Slowing down the negative effects of the climate change may put some pressure on businesses, but the alternative is to risk the mere existence of all the businesses.
The Country badly needs a tax reform, a health insurance reform, a manufacturing reform, an educational reform.
The problems at hand have become so complicated and large, that easy solutions simply don’t exist.
We need new models.
We have to start from scratch.
Every single idea – as long as it helps people to live and prosper – is on a table.
Nowadays, all mass media make everyone think that there is an ideological war between liberals and conservatives; that liberal values and conservative values are incomparable, internally contradictory to each other.
However, no one has to choose between individual freedoms and an efficient government, or between the health of the nation and the prosperity of its businesses.
The choice everyone needs to make today is between truth and facts, against fiction and leis; between realistic, pragmatic solutions, and dogmatic ideology and wishful thinking; between having an open and honest talk with people, against hypnotizing rhetoric and manipulating peoples’ minds.
We will prove that liberal conservatism (or conservative liberalism) can exists.
We will prove that such ideals as freedom of speech, freedom of enterprise, efficient governing, and pursuit of happiness for all can coexist. But in order to restore those ideals and preserve them from erosion, we have to be smart and pragmatic, firm and inclusive.
We need to bring to the same table people with opposite views, and make them talk to each other, guiding that conversation away from an ideological war of words toward pragmatic solutions benefiting the whole Country.
This will be our political mission (at least for the close future).
6. No one knows yet, if in the future our Coalition will make the transition from being a movement to becoming an actual political party.
There is no way to predict this today.
But I can predict that the American 3d-parties and Independents Coalition will become a formidable political power very soon.
I have a clear vision of what we need to do as soon as possible:
1. we need to reach out to each other and start getting organized – I just created website www.3dForce.net, and a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/valentin.voroshilov) with this manifesto, and my contacts (currently, you can email me to aabs@3dforce.net);
2. we need to establish a basic agreement on our goals and means;
3. we need to set up a functional office;
4. we need to start reaching out to all 3d-party-ers and independents, we need to initiate an advertising campaign;
5. we need to make the movement official, set up state meetings, set up a unifying national convention, and present our candidates for all (ALL!) upcoming elections.
In 2016 Presidential elections 65,844,969 voters went Democratic, 62,979,984 voters went Republican, but 7,627,197 people (close to 6 % of all who voted; or 12 % of who could have been voting for a certain party candidate) voted for a third force. Many people did not even vote at all because they did not trust neither the Republican nor the Democrats, but did not see a strong third choice.
The American 3d-parties and Independents Coalition will give to all American voters a viable third choice.
The year of 2018 will be our test drive year.
The year of 2018 will be our year!

Your fellow Independent,
Valentin Voroshilov
You can reach me at

If you want to join or to support the movement, or to volunteer, please send me an email.
You can also provide financially support to the movement a crowdfunding campaign at www.crowdpac.com;
Just follow this link

Some intro about who I am.
I was born and grew up in Russia.
This link http://www.gomars.xyz/vv.htm leads to more on my professional experience.
In 2002, I moved to the U.S.A. to escape the presidency of Vladimir Putin
(I am NOT a Russian spy :)  ! ).
I have been living a quiet life of a math and physics instructor, until Vladimir Putin has essentially chosen my new President (at least, so I think so far).
I have been posting my thoughts on the matter on my blog. All those posts represent my life philosophy, my political views, my ideals and dreams.

Here is one of the latest posts (it includes many many other links; together all answer many questions about the feasibility of the 3d Force):

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